Supporting Sustainable Farms with SAP Analytics Cloud

Use collected data to gain insights for both research by a company and consumer-facing reporting


Many industries require analytic capabilities to empower all users across diverse locations to visualize, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate. These industries also require that sustainability be a priority and enforce regulations to ensure this. The world is constantly changing, and emerging technologies are providing us the tools needed to better understand how decisions made now can impact future generations. The topic of sustainability is not a new one; however, the importance of sustainable practices is continuing to increase.

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SAP Analytics Cloud, combined with services from the SAP Cloud Platform, including an SAP HANA Database, SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services, SAP Cloud Platform Portal, and SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication, provide the required capabilities for all users in this business scenario.

SAP Analytics Cloud offers the analytical capabilities for all users in one product. Users in the boardroom, at the office, or in the field, or customers perusing the company website, can all discover, analyze, plan, predict, and collaborate in one integrated experience designed expressly for the cloud. SAP Analytics Cloud provides an effective and engaging user experience across roles and device types through cloud deployment, real-time analytics, ad-hoc queries, visualization, and collaboration tools.

The SAP Cloud Platform services mentioned for this business scenario provide the field workers visiting the farms the tools required to accurately input data into a survey, and when connected to WIFI, sync that data with the powerful SAP HANAdatabase that sits on top of SAP Analytics Cloud where the interpreted data is visualized through stories.

The solution diagram above illustrates the combined architectural pattern for implementing a cloud-based system to analyze data coming in throughout the supply chain.

Bill of Material - SAP Cloud Platform components for licensing considerations

Please note that the following Bill of Material is for reference purposes only. The following table is only an example of the SAP Cloud Platform services and components required for this use case. Please consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.  

Sales Item


Licensing metrics


SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Services

Create and operate mobile apps

Named users

1 named user

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication 

Secure authentication and single sign-on for users in the cloud

Logon blocks of 100/Month

100 logons

SAP Cloud Platform, SAP HANAService

The most advanced in-memory database fully managed across multiple clouds

GB memory in 16 GB blocks

128 GB, enterprise edition

SAP Cloud Platform Portal

Create role-based, multi-channel sites to access business apps and content

Per 1000 visits/month

1000 visits

Customers can use the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required.

Members and partners of SAP PartnerEdge can evaluate the development of an application for this use case – most development licensing is covered by the packs offered by SAP’s partner licensing services. Click here for details.

*excluding open ecosystem basic.