Accelerate Business Processes with SAP Mobile Card Kit

Provide customers a microapp platform to publish data into a consumer passbook style card

Enterprise mobility plays an essential role in the improvement of organizational processes, employee performance, customer service, and many other key aspects of modern business. The biggest challenge nowadays is how to mobilize data contained in enterprise systems out to the field. The primary objective is to develop an application that can extract useful data any time and from any location, allowing employees to work offline and without being tied to a desk.

To solve the business challenge of mobilizing the content, mobile card kit provides you with a micro-app platform to publish data into a consumer “passbook”-style card. It makes access to your most important business data simple, instant, and always available on mobile. In the digital era, it is critical to be able to access information and solutions in real-time.

The solution diagram above illustrates a basic architectural pattern of the runtime and designtime environments for implementing mobile cards.

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Bill of Material - SAP Cloud Platform components for licensing considerations

Please note that the following Bill of Material is for reference purposes only. The following table is only an example of the SAP Cloud Platform services and components required for this use case. Please consult your SAP Account Executive regarding your specific licensing needs.  

Sales Item


Licensing metrics


SAP Cloud Platform Mobile Service

Build and run hybrid apps

Named users

One named user

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication service (Optional)

Secure authentication and single sign-on for users in the cloud

Logon blocks of 100/Month

100 logons

SAP Cloud Platform bandwidth

Data transfer rate to a subscribed user

Blocks of 10 GB bandwidth/month

10 GB

Customers can use the SAP Cloud Platform pricing estimator to calculate the required investment for a particular project. Scale up or down on services as required.

Members and partners of SAP PartnerEdge* can evaluate the development of an application for this use case – most development licensing is covered by the packs offered by SAP’s partner licensing services. Click here for details.

*excluding open ecosystem basic.