Use SAP Cloud Platform security services to secure your business applications and take advantage of the platform’s built-in features and functions, such as authentication and authorization mechanisms.

Why SAP Cloud Platform Security?

Provide secure end-to-end business solutions, entirely in the cloud or in combination with on-premise systems, by leveraging security architecture and measures that are among the highest in the industry. Focus on securing your own applications, and let SAP take most of the burden of ensuring the integrity, availability, and authenticity of your data at the platform level.

Key Benefits of SAP Cloud Platform Security

Ease the adoption of cloud applications with security services that deliver comprehensive identity and access management.

Safeguard your business with comprehensive integrated security services that you rely upon to securely run and develop applications.

Protect your data by meeting ever-increasing cybersecurity challenges, securing systems, and adhering to compliance and regulatory needs.

Key Security Services

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Authentication

Secure authentication and user management in SAP cloud and on-premise applications.

SAP Cloud Platform Identity Provisioning

Easily manage identities and authorizations for your cloud applications.