Apollo Tyres

Enhancing Dealer Operations with SAP Cloud Platform

Customers in more than 100 countries know and trust the Apollo and Vredestein tire brands manufactured and sold by Apollo Tyres Ltd. Apollo Tyres wanted to streamline its entire production process, including digitalizing its distribution network. It sought to strengthen collaboration with dealers, improve productivity, and access real-time information on processes and market developments.

The company deployed the DealerConnect Partner Portal, an integral part of the Finessart platform from Arteria Technologies, under the SAP HANA Cloud Applications partner program. The new dealer solution offers real-time decision making as well as automated omnichannel ordering, delivery, and invoicing processes. Customer satisfaction and loyalty have increased, collaboration with dealers is more efficient, and processes are greener. The improved dealer operations better support Apollo Tyres’ mission to “go the distance” and give customers greater choice.


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