Improving Data Capture by 80% and Reducing System Management Costs by 60% with SAP Cloud Platform

Celkon empowers consumers by making technology affordable to lower-income individuals. To achieve this, every part of the organization must be highly productive, cost efficient, and able to collaborate to create and deliver products at the lowest cost and best quality. Timeliness and accuracy of information is critical for success. Celkon wanted to create a best-in-industry solution that would make its entire distribution channel highly cost effective and efficient. It had to be very fast and able to pull and synchronize data from different sources to generate meaningful reporting and analytics.

SAP Cloud Platform was chosen because of its performance, integration, and analytical capabilities. Fully responsive Web applications and mobile apps were created to provide accurate and timely information. Celkon has reduced the manpower needed to capture and process data from different sources by 80% and improved system performance by more than 60%. It has also increased the accuracy of sales forecasting to reduce carrying costs and increase order fulfillment.


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