Using SAP Cloud Platform to Meet Emerging Needs of Oil and Gas Energy Users

Oil and gas giant CEPSA places a high priority on responding to the needs of its European, Asian, African, and Latin American partners and customers across the hydrocarbon value chain. The company has consolidated processes for exploration, production, transportation, and sales on a single in-memory platform. That business model brings visibility into operations and helps keep prices competitive.

But success in today’s marketplace is fleeting without continue d innovation. CEPSA has set new strategic goals to improve service by mobilizing access for its workers worldwide and further enhance the user experience. The company has already created three iOS mobile apps for order fulfillment and payment processing and rolled them out on SAP Cloud Platform. And that’s only the beginning.


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2/3 time
Reduction to complete several salesforce and administrative processes
8 weeks
Total to develop the first set of apps for the whole network of stations