Making a Cloud-First Strategy a Reality with SAP Cloud Platform Integration

Eneco is a leading network operator in the Netherlands, providing a secure energy supply to millions of customers. Within a rapidly changing business environment, Eneco identified the need to transform its IT environment in order to provide more agility to address business needs. Applying the right integration platform can facilitate this rapid change and make a genuine step toward a cloud-first strategy.

Working with Proxcellence and using the SAP Cloud Platform Integration, Eneco was successfully supported in its transition to a state-of-the-art cloud platform. Automated monthly upgrades to the cloud working in tandem with the flexibility to integrate between SAP and non-SAP applications helps ensure Eneco moves to a cloud-first strategy with strength and conviction. Plus, the user-friendly platform and minimal up-front costs deliver increased efficiencies, which is great news for Eneco and its customers.


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