Building a Simpler Online Payroll Portal for Customers with SAP Cloud Platform

For close to a century, companies, owner-occupants, and public organizations across North America have counted on Graham Construction for integrated construction solutions for everything from small renovations to massive industrial and infrastructure projects. One of the biggest challenges with any construction project is managing payroll and overseeing workers–many of whom are temporary. Tracking hours can be difficult, and paper-based pay stubs make it impossible to catch errors before pay is disbursed.

To provide companies and workers greater visibility, Graham developed an online payroll portal using SAP Cloud Platform and the SAP Cloud Platform Portal service–rolling it out at roughly 200 project sites. Now foremen can record worker time, helping ensure that the coding is correct, and workers can see their pay stubs as soon as payroll is processed. This means compliance for delivering pay stubs on time and with less administrative overhead. In the future, the portal will also serve as a repository for training documents and worker certifications–helping companies ensure everyone is up to date and keeping job sites safer. Plus, the SAP Fiori user experience makes the portal easier to use, so time that would have been spent on training can be focused on the project at hand. All in all, this makes payroll services more valuable than ever–and strenghtens worker trust in both Graham and their workforce partners alike.


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2 months
To develop and go live with the portal registration page
Saved annually by not printing pay stubs – almost a complete ROI for SAP Cloud Platform
<1 year
To onboard 5,000 employees working on about 250 construction projects
Near 100%
ROI, with more savings coming pending integration with other applications and additional rollouts