Using the Internet of Things and the Cloud to Disrupt the Personal Hygiene Market

Based in Austria, Hagleitner Hygiene International provides hygiene solutions to a variety of clients. To leap ahead in the highly competitive washroom-hygiene market, the €112 million company wanted to move beyond commodity product–based offerings and significantly elevate the value it delivers to customers.

Digital technology is having an impact on virtually every industry. With that in mind, Hagleitner embarked on a digital transformation initiative with SAP to reinvent the management of the soap, disinfectant, towel, and paper dispensers used by its large-facility customers. The goal was to use cloud and Internet of Things (IoT) technology combined with advanced analytics to modernize washroom facilities and help customers increase efficiency, boost customer satisfaction, and strengthen compliance with health regulations. The result was the introduction of the senseMANAGEMENT solution, which would transform Hagleitner’s business model and enable the company to differentiate itself from the competition.


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Transformed from a product-based to a service-based business model
Single source
For required technologies
Innovative, analytics-enabled
Approach brought new recurring revenue streams, closer customer relationships, and access to new markets
Digital innovations like cloud, IoT and Big Data technology to achieve results