Optimizing Training Management and Scheduling with SAP Cloud Platform

More than 4 million customers rely on the largest utility in North America for their electricity supply. Renewable energy producer Hydro-Québec fields a team of more than 250 trainers to ensure its 20,000 employees can provide quality support to these customers. With training at the core of its talent manage-ment program, the utility needed a comprehensive overview of these activities to facilitate better planning.

Working with implementation partner /N SPRO, Hydro-Québec deployed a learning management system (LMS) extension solution to the SAP SuccessFactors Learning solution built on SAP Cloud Platform. Now trainers and schedulers have a robust tool that provides global visibility and access to training information. In helping it meet complex training needs, the LMS tool is equipping Hydro-Québec’s energetic workforce to provide outstanding service across the province.


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