JK Tyre

Digitalizing an Extensive Distribution Network with SAP Cloud Platform

Whether operating city buses, commercial trucks, passenger cars, or off-road vehicles, drivers across India know they can count on JK Tyre & Industries Ltd. to meet their highest expectations where the rubber meets the road. That’s because the high-performance tire manufacturer is not only customer focused, but it’s customer obsessed. As a result, the company now ranks as the 22nd-largest tire manufacturer in the world, producing 32 million tires a year in 12 manufacturing plants.

JK Tyre’s success rides on the strength of its over 3,500 dealers and more than 400 field sales personnel. However, nonintegrated front-office operations were causing significant information lag–not to mention dealer dissatisfaction. To rectify the problem, the company set out to digitalize its front-office operations. Using SAP Cloud Platform, the company rolled out a comprehensive portal that provides dealers and sales personnel alike with clear, real-time transparency into operations.


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15% – 20%
Improvement in forecast accuracy
2 – 3 days
Reduction in days sales outstanding
Reduction in inventory levels