Joris IDE

Building Mobile Apps to Share Information in Real Time on SAP Cloud Platform

Whether they are building factories, agroindustry enclosures, or residential apartment complexes, developers know they will get the best protection–both for the inhabitants and the investment–with steel roofing and façade solutions from Joris Ide NV. Active in 15 countries with 14 production units, Joris Ide has been in business for 30 years–processing and shipping more than 300,000 tons of steel annually. With such a large and complex business, it can be difficult to ensure quality and keep track of deliveries. To meet the challenge, the company turned to longtime partner Delaware Consulting International, an expert in SAP solutions.

Having deployed the SAP ERP application, with a subsequent upgrade to SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA, the logical next step was a move to mobile technology in the cloud. Using SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Fiori Cloud apps, Delaware helped reduce hardware needs and developed apps that let Joris Ide keep track of everything from sales quotes and packing quality to truck locations and delivery times. Not only does this ease data management and make it possible to verify the state of products from order to drop-off, but it provides greater transparency overall–helping Joris Ide build customer relationships that are as strong as steel.


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