Increasing Employee Productivity 30% Through Apps for SAP Cloud Platform

Pakistan, identified as one of the top 11 emerging markets of the 21st century according to The Goldman Sachs Group Inc., is the world’s sixth most-densely populated country. As the country strives to achieve energy self-sufficiency, Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL) is leading the effort by providing over 20% of the country’s natural gas supplies. But as oil prices tumbled over the past two years, so did the ability of oil and gas exploration and production companies such as PPL to invest in new projects and business areas. To stay on the leading edge, PPL had to continue investing in key projects while optimizing human capital. For that, it required software to help it meet the challenge.

Using Sodales Solutions Inc.’s prepackaged apps for SAP Cloud Platform, PPL increased staff productivity without having to invest in infrastructure or additional staff. Using these apps, employees working in remote areas now perform key operational activities such as time and material management 30% more efficiently. This boost has cinched PPL's position as a solid contributor in helping Pakistan achieve its mandate of energy self-sufficiency.


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