Rainforest Connection

Defending the Rainforests with Help from SAP Solutions

Many would say that the most pressing issue of our day is the long-term health of our planet and its people. Nonprofit tech startup Rainforest Connection is doing its part by helping to defend the rainforests from illegal deforestation. The company places old cell phones equipped with solar panels in the canopy to detect and record the ambient sounds of the forest. To help predict illegal logging activities and alert rangers and other law enforcement officials on the ground before deforestation begins, Rainforest Connection needed a cloud platform that could incorporate predictive analytics.

With time running out for this vital ecosystem, the company chose SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Predictive Analytics software to provide the interconnectivity necessary to get the project up and running fast. Rainforest Connection is now better equipped to stand on the front line of the fight against illegal deforestation. The ability to identify changes in ambient sounds, even before logging begins, helps todefend thousands of square miles of rainforest around the world–both for the people who live there and for us all.


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