Rainforest Connection

Predict Illegal Deforestation to Save the Rainforest

Illegal logging has a huge impact on our environment. Currently rangers are alarmed once loggers already started, but we need to get to them before they even get started. Real-time is not enough!Using machine learning and predictive analytics on SAP Cloud Platform we can now alert local rangers 3 minutes ahead, before logging actually starts. The solution is built with rapid prototyping in only 5 days. Prediction of when and where a chainsaw event is likely to happen is based on historic sound events like chainsaws, parrots, gibbons, etc. Sounds captured by old smartphones, called guardians, stream the rainforest sounds to a machine learning model to detect these events. A mobile app alerts and guides, via an augmented reality layer that displays the direction and distance, the rangers into the right direction. An SAP Analytics Cloud dashboard provides illegal logging statistics to the (local) authorities.

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