Runs SAP Cloud Platform

“SAP’s entire enterprise mobility strategy runs on SAP Cloud Platform, so we are a front-runner for this technology, making our entire workforce mobile through the cloud. We have been thoroughly impressed with SAP Cloud Platform from the beginning and have created our applications in record time.”

Thomas Saueressig, SVP and Global Head of IT Services, SAP SE

Delivery of new applications – from idea to productive usage within as little as one day
Employee productivity through simplified access to corporate applications
Total cost of ownership by 300% through a standard platform architecture and central updates
SAP software developers creating applications on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Leonardo on Board

The new myShuttle App optimizes the taxi service at SAP headquarters utilizing the SAP Cloud Platform comprehensive set of services to solve a day-to-day issue like waiting for the shuttle. Transporting over 15,000 employees between buildings, the myShuttle App eliminates the guesswork and stress around wait times – all in real time.

Unifying User Assistance to Improve the User Experience

Providing people with the knowledge they need to deploy and use software successfully is as important as providing the software itself. With the transition from on-premise to cloud solutions, both the software and the related user assistance have to be updated on demand. The need is stronger than ever for a stable, high-performing platform to store, update, and deliver rich user assistance immediately when and where needed. Read the full story

Rapidly Building and Deploying Cloud Applications on SAP Cloud Platform

SAP created a development-friendly environment with more than 40 services for cloud applications readily available through SAP Cloud Platform. This delivered new cloud applications, including SAP Financial Services Network, SAP Product Stewardship Network, and the SAP Predictive Maintenance and Service solution. Read the full story

Motivating and Engaging Employees with JobPts and SAP Cloud Platform

Adding a recognition and rewards program not only drives employee engagement and retention, but it can also enhance existing performance and compensation programs. Companies know they should do this, but they get bogged down in the details of how to do it. SAP SE, with over 84,000 employees worldwide, started its search for a tool to facilitate peer-to-peer recognition and quickly discovered the solution in its own partner ecosystem. Read the full story

How Can Technology Help Companies Motivate Employees to Get Moving and Develop Healthy Habits?

Staying active can be tricky when you sit at a desk all day. Long hours and urgent projects combined with personal and family life can make it hard to get to the gym. This is why the Global Health Management team at SAP is dedicated to helping SAP mployees find ways to stay active and healthy through the Run Your Way program. The obvious question is, how can SAP software technology help? Read the full story