Schnellecke Group

Creating a Transparent Supply Chain with SAP Leonardo Services

In a rapidly growing global economy, every manufacturer needs a fast, reliable, and cost-effective way to control its product flows along the whole supply chain. That’s why automakers and other industries around the world turn to Schnellecke Group AG and Co. KG for value-added logistics and assembling services. Schnellecke Group is an internationally operating, family-owned company with the comprehensive expertise to help its customers design logistics solutions more efficiently. To stay at the forefront of trends in supply chain management, including the Internet of Things (IoT), the company needed to transform its core business processes.

Using SAP Leonardo Services, Schnellecke implemented its unique Just-in-Sequence process based on IoT technologies that run on SAP Cloud Platform for its own supply chain. Now, the company has digitalized core business processes and access to real-time data. What’s more, its Just-in-Sequence process provides customers with the transparency, reliability, and efficiency necessary to succeed today – and Schnellecke with the flexibility to shape the future of logistics tomorrow.


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