Helping Cities Increase the Value of Lighting with SAP Cloud Platform

From San Francisco to Munich to Dubai, cities around the world count on Signify Holding to illuminate infrastructure, buildings, and monuments in ways that bring value to citizens and visitors alike. Signify is transforming its business to help customers measure that value. By offering systems and services that gather data on its installations, it is informing customers about how well systems are working and how they are perceived by the people who see and use them.

Through a co-innovation partnership with SAP, Signify is using Internet of Things technology to provide cities with new services that can be built on top of lighting infrastructure. One of these projects resulted in a social sentiment analysis tool built on SAP Cloud Platform that gathers information from social media channels. Now, cities, companies, and structure maintenance groups have valuable insight into how people feel about a given illumination system–helping shed light on what is working and ways to strive for continued improvement.


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