Maintaining Legal Compliance Across the Software Landscape with SAP Cloud Platform and SAP ERP

Introducing serenity into the construction industry segment sounds like either a misunderstanding or a superhuman objective. Clients, of course, would be thrilled to have an engineering, construction, and operations company go about its work with quiet confidence. That is the mission of Tigre S.A. Tubos e Conexões. To realize its mandate, it required technical know-how to merge business and government processes to expedite legal compliance. It turned to experts who had helped in the past, SAP Enterprise Support services.

The advisory team deployed SAP Cloud Platform and set up localization that enabled Tigre to comply effortlessly with government regulations across locations. A full integration of the SAP ERP application facilitated ongoing legal compliance across all software components. With the SAP E-Invoicing for Compliance OnDemand application, Peru was brought on board. And according to the company mandate, the technology revolution at Tigre was ushered in quietly. Customers continued to be served with the unerring assurance they valued in the company.


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