Waterwatch Cooperative

Co-Innovating with SAP to Develop a Crop Disease Alert App on SAP Cloud Platform

Every day, smallholder farmers around the world must look out at their fields and make crucial decisions that could drastically affect their livelihoods. These farmers will also play a critical role in meeting the ever-growing food production needs of our planet. W aterwatch Cooperative’s mission is to make essential information about weather, water supply, and crop conditions more easily available to farmers and every other player across the food agriculture value chain.

Working with SAP and using SAP Cloud Platform, W aterwatch developed the Crop Disease Alert app. The app gathers data from a variety of sources to alert farmers from their smartphones if a given field is in danger – allowing them to act quickly to avert potential disaster. Farmers can also provide feedback, which helps W aterwatch further customize its services to a specific field, crop, or farmer’s needs – all for a cost to the farmer of US$1 per year. The result has been a significant reduction in pesticide use and crop disease for farmers using the app. It is no wonder that W aterwatch is eager to continue the co-innovation partnership and spread use of the app to more than 500 million farmers worldwide – helping support global food security for us all.


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