Support for SAP Cloud Platform

SAP Cloud Platform provides access to support services and resources from SAP, including SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, SAP Trust Center, and the Service Description Guide & Agreement specifications.

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, is our proactive and preventive support plan for SAP Cloud services. Available in the cloud and on premise for a seamless end-to-end customer support experience, SAP Enterprise Support includes powerful services, tools, and expertise to drive business continuity and maximize value realization along our four pillars of proactive support:


Connect with SAP experts, customers, and partners with the goal of guiding your people to master the skills they need to help your organization thrive.

Innovation and Value Realization

Access tools, reports, and services to unlock the business value of existing and new investments for accelerating innovation.


Through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy, offered as part of your SAP Enterprise Support contract, let us help your staff members build up the know-how they need to overcome complexity.

Mission Critical Support

Get the attention you need at the speed you expect for whatever issues arise based on defined service-level agreements regardless of your deployment scenario.

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, helps your business run smoothly

SAP support extends the value of your software and services to achieve business outcomes. SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, helps you:

✔ Protect business continuity with mission-critical support, including high service-level agreements
✔ Accelerate successful deployments with SAP Enterprise Support value maps and best practices
✔ Easily access over 8,000 support experts and resources worldwide, including our award winning collaborative value maps
✔ Support and optimize hybrid scenarios seamlessly based on the SAP ONE Support approach
✔ Build up required knowledge through the SAP Enterprise Support Academy program

SAP Enterprise Support, cloud editions, is built on elements of Next-Generation Support by SAP, providing you with real-time, “always on” customer care through a variety of services and channels, including chats and webinars, self-service options, mobile, and social media.

Find further details about the SAP support plans here:

SAP Support Policies
Service Description Guide and Agreement, Support Policy section
SAP Support Plans

No business is without trust. And at SAP, security is serious business. We at SAP are committed to the security of SAP Cloud Platform and its infrastructure.

SAP’s security measures are audited through various certifications and attestations (ISO 9001, ISO27001, SOC 1 Type 2 and SOC 2 Type 2). Third-party certification bodies provide independent confirmation that SAP meets the requirements of international standards. 

Learn more about certifications and attestations

SAP’s data centers around the world meet the highest security standards. All SAP’s data centers are technically comparable physical facilities featuring high availability infrastructure, network security and threat management mitigation. You can decide in which country, region or continent your cloud business runs including the location of the data storage and SAP’s support.

SAP's data centers feature facility security, high infrastructure availability, network security, and threat mitigation management such as penetration testing by internal and external ethical hackers.

Learn more about SAP Data Centers

SAP HANA database uses data encryption to protect data saved to disk from unauthorized access at the operating system level. For data at rest within your application, SAP provides a wide range of data security with customer-controlled encryption based on industry standards. SAP ensures the privacy of your data in the Cloud by supporting strictly isolated data.

Learn more about data volume encryption
Learn more about SAP HANA security

SAP cloud customers specify in their contract which data center they want to use as their “data location."

Backups are always located in the same jurisdiction as the data that is used in day-to-day operations, but for security reasons, the two are physically separated.

We have clear and company-wide guidelines in place that define how we respond to requests for customer data coming from law enforcement authorities and regarding national security concerns.

We take our commitment to our customers and legal compliance very seriously. Customer data is only shared if the request is legally valid. Our legal department evaluates every inquiry in detail. In addition, we will question a request if there are grounds for assuming that they are not in conformity with the law.

Secure Communication
SAP Cloud Platform landscape runs in an isolated network, which is protected from the outside by firewalls, DMZ, and communication proxies for all inbound and outbound communications to and from the network. All customer user access to the SAP Cloud Platform is done through an authenticated Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS) session from the user’s browser.

Secure User Access
Users with administrative tasks can be easily secured to access the SAP Cloud Platform by using the user management services and the Two Factor Authentication provided with SAP Cloud Platform, single sign-on service.

Secure Deployment
Malware detection is implemented for central services such as application deployment and document storage.

Security Monitoring
Security monitoring is done via audit logging, which is a critical element of a company’s risk management strategy. SAP Cloud Platform writes logs for security-relevant events and the written log files are digitally signed to ensure their integrity.

Learn more about SAP security

Service Description Guide & Agreement

The SAP Cloud Platform Service Description Guide provides detailed information about individual SAP Cloud Platform capabilities and corresponding support services. Please refer to the SAP Cloud Platform Service Description Guide and Agreement below for full details including Cloud Service descriptions, usage metrics, and more. 

View the Service Description Guide and Agreement