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Whether you want to build your own app, integrate existing apps, try and buy partner-built applications, or sell your app on the SAP App Center, you've come to the right place to get started today.

Want to give it a try?

Register for a free trial account with SAP Cloud Platform and get a fast and easy start in a shared environment. Learn how to create cloud apps and gain access to a comprehensive set of platform services, as well as early access to beta functionality. Get familiar with the basics

Ready to develop on SAP Cloud Platform?

Learn how to plan and set up your landscape and lifecycle management to get your business started with SAP Cloud Platform. Find recommendations for different use cases and business models. From setting up the right organizational structure to creating an account and security model, to developing and operating applications – we’ve got it covered.

SAP Cloud Platform Discovery Center

To help you get the most value at every step of your journey with SAP Cloud Platform we offer Discovery Center, specifically designed to help you start piloting, developing, operating or implementing SAP Cloud Platform apps. Discovery Center helps you launch projects faster, accelerate innovation initiatives with ready-to-implement use cases and learn the ins and outs of SAP Cloud Platform seamlessly. Supported by role-based relevant content, cloud platform recipes, best practices and Mission Coaches, Discovery Center is with you every step of the way. Start a mission today! 

Cloud Platform Recipes

SAP Cloud Platform recipes are a set of guided interactive steps based on different use cases, which enable you to easily select, configure and consume platform services and achieve desired technical goals. Easily launch recipes from the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and receive resources – like related OpenSAP courses and tutorials – that help further your SAP Cloud Platform journey. To browse through all the available recipes, go to the SAP Cloud Platform cockpit and choose Recipes from the navigation menu. Select the recipe that best suits your use case or that intrigues you the most and get started. 

Explore SAP Cloud Platform developer resources

The SAP Developer Center offers a full range of development tools, downloads, documentation, discussions and more to support developers across all products, solutions and technologies offered by SAP. Get started today with unlimited access to SAP Cloud Platform developer resources. Learn how to deploy your first cloud app

Get help from the
SAP Community

The SAP Community is the quickest way for users to solve problems, learn more about SAP solutions, and invent new ways to get things done. Follow and join the conversation with other users today to improve your SAP Cloud Platform skills and reputation!

Connect and interface with SAP API Business Hub

Build sample apps, extensions, and integrations easily. Discover and consume digital content packages with APIs, pre-packaged integrations, and sample apps from SAP and select partners within the SAP API Business Hub. 

Buy and sell apps on SAP App Center

SAP App Center is the digital enterprise marketplace designed to promote and deliver partner-built applications. Discover, try, buy, and manage solutions that extend your digital core, or list your own app and sell it to SAP's thriving global ecosystem.


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