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SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition

The SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition is a fast, easy and FREE way to get started in a
shared environment so you can quickly learn how to create cloud apps.

The developer edition is a free, perpetual license for you to use for evaluation and development purposes. In addition to 1GB shared SAP HANA and the comprehensive set of platform services, you’ll also gain early access to beta functionality.

The SAP Cloud Platform, developer edition allows you to:

✔ Create column views using both HANA Studio and SQL commands via JDBC

✔ Connect to your HANA instance on SAP Cloud Platform easily via Eclipse

✔ Deploy your apps on Cloud Foundry based runtimes and backing services

✔ Connect to up to 2 on-premises systems

✔ Create unlimited HTML apps

✔ Test drive your Java applications

Included Features and Services

SAP Cloud Portal

Quickly create engaging
websites to deliver web-
based access to your
on-premises systems.

 SAP Cloud Platform

Simplify end-to-end
application lifecycle,
from prototyping to

SAP Cloud Platform
Mobile Services

Deliver enterprise-grade
native and hybrid mobile

SAP Cloud Platform
OData Provisioning

Extract data from SAP
Business Suite systems
and make it available
in the cloud.

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Explore the tutorial section and learn how to build your first SAP Cloud Platform application today. Discover the features and services that let you build, run, and extend innovative enterprise applications in the cloud.

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